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Virtual STEM Day

If you Plant a Seed
Principal's Book of the Month 
If you Plant a Seed
By Kadir Nelson 
To view the read aloud, click on the link below

March Virtual STEM Day

Welcome to the Virtual STEM days for March all activities are optional. Complete as many of the STEM day activities as you want. Please take pictures of the STEM day activities and send them to your teachers at school.  

Virtual STEM Day Offline Activities

  • Bird Feeder
Build a Bird Feeder for seeds from a water bottle.  Use any material in the house that you have permission to use.  Think about the size of the seeds and where the bird will be getting the seeds from.

  • Garden
Plan and organize a garden, draw the garden on a sheet of paper.  Be sure to include in the plans the beds that the plants will be growing in as well as anything else in the garden.  Where will this garden be located, will it be for the school courtyard or somewhere at your home?  What kinds of plants would you plant?  How much space would the plants need?  What other materials do the plants, will they need cages, string to grow on, or stakes to hold them up?  
  • Tallest Tower
Build a tower using only 10 materials from your house, which includes all the material that will hold the tower together.  When you think the tower is strong and stable enough test it out.  The test is to place a small stuffed animal on the top for one minute and have the tower still be standing after one minute.  Examples your materials could be include: a pen, a ruler, string, a magazine, a deck of cards, book, anything that your parents approve you using.  Think about what the base will look like.  Think about how you will keep the tower together.  
  • Longest Bridge
Build a bridge using materials in your house to see how long the bridge can be and still support a small stuffed animal for one minute.  You may use only 5 materials.  Think about the length of the materials you choose. Think about the strength of the materials.  Think about what the bridge will span over and who the surface will support the bridge.
  • Feed The Mouse, coding offline with a partner

Make a maze for a stuffed animal to travel through.  The maze can be made with a deck of cards, and have random treats (toys) for the stuffed animal to find.  
One child is the Computer (who moves the mouse by listening to the programmer’s instructions). The other child acts as the Programmer (who gives the commands). The Programmer gives verbal instructions like 'Move Forward' (state how many card spaces), 'Move Backward' (state how many card spaces), and 'Turn Right' or 'Turn Left' to guide the computer/mouse throughout the path, without missing any of the yummy treats. 

Virtual STEM Day Online Activities

  • Dance Party                                                                                        

Program different animals to participate in dance parties using code to control the animals, the dance move, and even how many animals dance.  
Go in through launchpad, then your clever homepage.  Find Code, then click on it to launch the program.  Once in Code go to the upper right hand corner, hover on create and then choose dance party.  In Dance Party start exploring and see what you can create.
  • Scratch Google Logo                                                                      

Following the directions to learn how to make your own Google doodle.  Click on this link below and then watch the video about google doodles.  Once you have finished the video, on the right-hand side find the link section and click on the link for google starter project.  This will take you to Scratch where you can create your own google doodle. 
  • Tynker Candy Quest

Go to, which is free right now.  Click on get started for free.   Next click on student.  You will need to create an account with your parents.  Once you are in the program click on never coded before.  Explore the different programs.  Candy Quest is lots of fun and lets you create your own monster.
  • FlipGrid: What do astronauts do all day?

Create a short video exploring what you think astronauts do all day.  Log into Flipgrid if you have used Flipgrid at school log and create the video, in the STEM activity.  If you do not have access to Flipgrid create a video using the camera on a phone.   
link to Flipgrid Activity
Group code 869fa42b 
  • FlipGrid: Famous inventors who changed the world

Create a short video exploring how famous inventors changed the world.  Log into Flipgrid if you have used Flipgrid at school log and create the video, in the STEM activity.  If you do not have access to Flipgrid create a video using the camera on a phone.
link to Flipgrid Activity 
Group code 869fa42b