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Huntley Hills Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Chandler 5th Grade

It's Review Time!

The 5th grade has enjoyed exploring science over the past year. The students have learned about Classification of Plants and Animals, Cells, and Heredity. Important concepts include: plants are first sorted by whether they have seeds or spores, and then by whether they have flowers or cones. During the spring, students can step out of doors and examine the abundance of plants that are starting to awaken. When reviewing cells, students should remember that while plant and animal cells share several parts, that the plant cell has two things that make them uniquely plants--cell walls and chloroplasts. Students can review these concepts in their online science book--Ed, which is located in Clever. The final life science lessons were on Heredity. Familiy discussions on characteristics that have been passed down through the family are interesting and enlightening. 
The second semester arrived with a flurry of lessons, from Physical and Chemical Changes to  Earth Processes to Electricity and Magnetism. Students can review these concepts in their Ed Science book as well, but also look for evidence of these concepts in real life. They can cook and bake with their parents, walk their backyard and neighborhood for signs of weathering, erosion, and deposition, and --with caution and parental supervision--take a flashlight apart to examine the parts. 
5th graders, happy reviewing!