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Huntley Hills Elementary

Dekalb County Schools



The mission of the library media program is to ensure
that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information

Student Privileges and Responsibilities

· Students may come to the library to read, research, study, listen, share books and technology, share presentations or projects, browse, check out books, learn, make and take, offer ideas, etc.
· Students are invited to check out books often, and are expected to use library shelf markers, care for the books, and return them on time.
· Students must pay for lost or damaged books.
· Students may use the computers for research and production with permission; students follow computer-use-guidelines.
· Students are asked to honor quiet times and places in the library and to walk at all times, in spite of enthusiasm for favorite books and authors.
· Students must leave food, drink, candy, and gum elsewhere. Thank you!

Circulation of Materials

· Students in Pre-K/Kindergarten-1st Grade check out 1 book per visit.
· Students in Grades 2nd - 5th check out up to 2 books per visit.
· Students in Grades 4th - 5th may borrow a 3rd book for an assignment (report, research) as long as they stay current.
· Students with overdue materials, lost, or damaged books may not check out new materials until they are current and/or restitution has been made.
· Students are invited to check out books as often as once a day. We miss our readers if we don’t get to see them weekly!

Research @ the Huntley Hills Library

Research is natural. When we are interested in something or passionate about something, we want to know more. Children are natural learners. We seek to activate their curiosity using the library as a portal. Through our curriculum and STEM program, we support young researchers wholeheartedly by teaching enabling skills, providing quality materials, teaching learners to develop questions and search for solutions, and create ways to share their discoveries. Students of all ages can learn to collect facts and organize them in a manner suitable for sharing or presenting on their own level. Authentic personal achievement requires this level of engagement and passion for learning.

We have encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs, dictionaries, biographies, nonfiction, and more in print and electronic media. We recommend that our students begin their online research using the Destiny online library catalog, conveniently linked to from the Huntley Hills school website and also at

Age appropriate electronic resources are accessed through the Destiny Home page and also through the DeKalb County School District’s LaunchPad. Websites are previewed by educators. An example of an excellent resource is the GALILEO database found in LaunchPad and in Destiny (see Destiny Home). Students should also consider interviewing knowledgeable persons with parental permission, conducting experiments and gathering data. Students can also take notes from quality television, video, or DVD programming.

Copyright Considerations
Students are expected to develop their own wording and ideas, and to respect copyright laws. Note-taking and highlighting is acceptable during study and preparation, but the report should be in the words of the student researcher, and research projects should include a credit reference to the original source, including print and electronic resources. Resources used are given credit at the end of the report on the bibliography page. We offer guidance for writing a bibliography. For assistance at home, we suggest visiting and selecting the MLA style.

We love to help children learn. Just let us know what is needed and we will gladly assist you at your Huntley Hills library.

Mrs. Rebecca Madsen
Huntley Hills Elementary and Montessori School
Chamblee, Georgia