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<font size=7><font color="blue">Directions

  1. Read through the ENTIRE set of directions below.  Ask questions through email or in class if you aren't sure what to do.  
  2. Download this file and save it to your OneDrive.  Please remember to rename it with your own name in place of the words first and last.
  3. Now begin looking at the following resources to find answers for your handout.  Do not plagiarize (copy word for word)!  You should finish the first part before you begin the FAQs on your pet.                                                Classification Power Point        BrainPop Jr. Classification                          Using Dichotomous Keys          Practice Using A Dichotomous Key            VIDEO: Classification                Classification Practice                                 More Classification Practice      Even More Practice                                Mensa For Kids                         How Animals Use Smells
  4. On scrap paper, brainstorm what you'd like your pet to look like. Using the information you have just learned, classify which kingdom your animal is in. be sure to read the handout carefully. If you are confused, please ask for help.
  5. Now begin working on the Designer Pet FAQ sheet.  It was the second part of the handout that you downloaded before. Use all the resources provided to help you.
  6. Choose how you want to create a model of your pet.  It could be out of Legos, natural materials (twigs, leaves, stones), craft supplies (fabric, paper, cardboard), or even a 3D model (use Tinkercad).   Take into consideration everything that you included on your FAQ sheet.
  7. If you choose Tinkercad, see Ms. Powell or Ms. Mintern to get information on how to export your model using a STL file so that it can be printed.  After you receive your 3D model, be sure to paint and/or marker color it. Take into consideration camouflage and realistic coloring. If you use flamboyant colors, such as hot pink or glow-in-the-dark green, be sure you can explain how that helps the animal survive.
  8. Download a copy of the evaluation rubric and score yourself on how well you did.  You will need to turn this in with your handouts as your final project.  The pet will be needed for the presentation only.  It will not be collected.
  9. Be ready to present and turn in your new designer pet on the due date.  Options for presenting include: you may present in person no preparation necessary but you need your pet and handout;  you may video tape yourself (if for some reason you are going to be absent or if presenting in front of the class isn't something that is your strong point).  If you choose to video tape yourself, let Ms. Powell know right away. 
Again, don't hesitate to ask questions.  The sooner you ask them, the better!

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