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<font color ="blue"><font size=4>Welcome to Technology Club!

This page hosts information for the technology club at Huntley Hills.  Students in grades 2-5 can join in May.  Students are not added to the club in the middle of the year.  
Last year, we had a lot of great activities.  We continued to develop our morning broadcast for STEM days.  We also participated in the Dekalb County Technology Fair in January, with 3 students winning either second or third place in their area.  We even started a mini coding "camp/club" that many students are still enjoying.
This year, we are looking forward to developing the broadcast even more.  We may even be able to go LIVE this year.  We will continue with the coding camp/club and add even more fun components, like our very own Huntley Hills technology fair, which will be created and run by students.  
If you  are ready to be a part, you will need to fill out the application (download it on this page).  Applications are accepted between April 15 and early May.  Any student who will be in grades 2-5 for the NEXT school year (except those who are safety patrols) can apply. 
We are looking forward to a lot of exciting times.  Are you going to be a part? 

Drones! Should our club build some?

Drones are extremely popular and very useful for lots of things.  Should our club build drones?  Check out this link and see if you think we could do this!
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