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Congratulations on receiving your Doctorate in Animal Switchology from the University of Deipdudu! You will now be using your scientific know-how to create the perfect pet.  In this day of designer everything, you will be creating the very first designer pet, maybe even one like the beautiful iguanorse (part iguana/part horse) above.  Then, you will share about your pet with your fellow fifth grade scientists, including the classification of your new pet.

How will you do this? First, you will need to do a lot of research. Links will be provided to help you out.  You will use this knowledge to understand how scientists will be looking at your animal.  Next, you will design your animal and classify it.  Finally, you will prepare a model of your animal to share with the world.  As an expert "animal switchologist," you should have no problem creating the world's first designer pet.  Good luck!

Directions Read Aloud


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