Huntley Hills Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Gifted Eligibility Information

In order to ensure compliance with the Georgia Department of Education Rule 160-4-2-.38, the gifted eligibility process must be followed consistently for appropriate screening and placement of all students evaluated for gifted services. The screening process includes the use of the N Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment, coupled with the administration of the CogAT, Renzulli, and Torrance assessments for determination of eligibility and placement in the gifted program.  

In order to provide equitable opportunities for all students, a two prong process, based on grade levels, has been identified. Recognizing K-2 students may have limited exposure and experience to online assessments, a qualifying fall or winter MAP score will be used to determine students needing further evaluation for initial gifted eligibility screening. If a K-2 student meets the required criterion score, the student will then progress through the gifted eligibility screening process. This annual process is identified in the gifted eligibility flow chart.

The annual gifted eligibility identification process for students in grades 3 -10, will be based on the fall NWEA MAP score as the initial screening tool. Students meeting the pre-requisite criterion score, will progress through the next phase of the eligibility screening process. Initial eligibility criteria for students who moved into the school district after the fall NWEA MAP administration will be based on the winter NWEA MAP assessment criteria. For students meeting the established criteria, participation in Phase II of the eligibility process will be followed.

These recommendations for revision of the gifted eligibility process will provide opportunities for students to be screened carefully and to be thoroughly evaluated, thus leading to more potential qualifications.

Download a copy of the K-2 process HERE.  Download a copy of the 3-12 process HERE.