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Huntley Hills Elementary

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Trouble Shooting access to Its Learning

<font color="blue"><font size=5>Trouble Shooting Access Issues to Its Learning

There are many reasons why Its Learning may not be accessible at home.  Some of them are easily corrected by parents.  Here are some of the common reasons why its Learning isn't working.
1) Student is not typing an "s" in front of the lunch number - ensure that the student is typing the letter S (not capitalized) in front of his lunch number (example: s9010101).  There are 7 digits in the lunch number and they must be in the correct sequence for students to successfully log in.
2) Pop ups are blocked - make sure that you allow pop ups for Its Learning (look for a small icon to appear at the end of URL window); you can click on the small icon at the end of the URL window to allow pop-ups as seen in this example.
3) Wrong Site - students often try to search for "Its Learning" instead of going through the Huntley Hills website.  Be sure that the student went to the Huntley Hills site and clicked on the link for Its Learning.
4)  Caps lock is on - many students are unfamiliar with the caps lock function; they press it down to make one capital and do not realize that it is now locked on.  Ensure that the caps lock is OFF.  There is no part of the login or password that needs a capital letter.
5)  Student is locked out - after 3 unsuccessful tries, a student's account will be locked.  The lock resets at the end of the day, but occasionally it remains on for a longer period.  If a student is locked out, teachers can unlock the student at school.  Please communicate with your child's teacher that the student needs to be unlocked.
6)  Student is using Safari on a tablet or Chromebook - there is an app for Its Learning that is available in the app store.  Please download the app for your child by clicking on the words ITS LEARNING. for Apple and the word VERGE for Chrome/Android.  It will ask you to select the district, so be sure to select Dekalb County Schools.  
7)  Outdated browser - make sure that your browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.) have been updated. 
If none of this works, please feel free to contact Suzette Powell ([email protected]) with your specific concerns.  Please include screenshots, where possible.  Also include the type of device that you are using and whether it is an app or a browser (Chrome/Edge, etc.).   While you are waiting for us to correct the problem, please be sure to use the listings on the Virtual Learning page to access a manual copy (not interactive) of your child's assignment.