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<font size=7><font color="blue">Task

Let's face it, a pugowl would be on everyone's "must have" list if they knew it existed!  Could you be the first to create one? 
Here is your task.  You will use your amazing creative abilities to imagine the perfect pet.  This can be anything YOU think is wonderful, not what your parents, your best friend, or any one else may think is wonderful.   
After you have put together all the appropriate parts, you will need to classify your creation.  Links will be provided to you so that you can learn how this works.  Once you know about how classification works, you will need to decide how your pet should be classified.  This may be tricky if your pet falls into two distinct areas.  Perhaps you will need to create a brand new heirarchy.   
The last phase it to design a model of your animal with materials that you feel are appropriate and create a fact sheet about your critter.  The fact sheet will contain information about classification.  Finally, you will share your new found species with the entire class.  In class, we will decide if you classified correctly.  Confused?  Don't worry!  You'll know more after you explore the resources and attend science each day. 
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